Organic dark chocolate "SPICES", 80 g

  • Organic dark chocolate "SPICES", 80 g

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    Organic dark chocolate with cinnamon, vanilla and cayenne pepper 

  • Dark chocolate with Ceylon cinnamon, vanilla and cayenne pepper. Island’s alchemists have created chocolate that changes flavor as it melts. Your taste receptors really deserve this miracle! 

    Ingredients: cacao mass*, sugar*, cacao butter*, emulsifier sunflower lecithin*, Ceiylon cinnamon (0,075%)*, cayenne pepper (0,0075%)*, Burbon vanilla (0,0045%)*. May contain traces of sesame, hazelnuts and peanuts, milk.
    Cacao solids - 70%

    Gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians.
    Nutritional information (100 g.): kJ: 2285; kcal: 550; Fat: 41 g; of which saturates: 26 g; Carbohydrates 35 g; of which sugars: 30 g; Fiber: 10 g; Protein: 9,4 g; Salt: 0,01 g.


    EU/NOT EU Agriculture


    Neto: 80 g.
    Store in a cool dry place