About us

  • Perhaps it is not necessary to construct a rocket to reach the moon. A bar of chocolate might be enough.


    We are innovative and passionate producers of highest quality chocolate. Our products are masterly crafted and produced in Lithuania from carefuly selected ingredients.

    Chocolate bars are packed into unique and attractive packaging.


    All of our delicious chocolates are ideal for enjoying on it's own (better to share with a friend and don't forget that recommended daily dose is 30 g ;) or using to add a twist to chocolate desserts.


    Recently our two chocolate collections Aqua and Charming have been awarded with the A' Design Award 2017 in Packaging Design Category by the International Design Academy.

    With this award we received not only medal, but also world-class recognition for quality, uniqueness and originality.


    We care for your health, so we produced highest quality dark chocolate with hemps and no added sugar, which contains no less than 70 % cacao and is gluten free. It was created on the recommendations of professional atletes and nutritionists. This CHARGING chocolate contains no less than 20% proteins and 24 % fiber.


    Moreover, we make MILK CHOCOLATE CREAMS, that are made from cacao butter and lyophilised berries. No hydrogenated fat or palm oil.


    We will be more than happy to assist you in choosing your favorite chocolate.