Organic dark chocolate with MCT "CAYENNE", 50 g

  • Organic dark chocolate with MCT "CAYENNE", 50 g

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    A delicious and healthy snack option! 

  • Relax, because now you can enjoy the nostalgic flavors of chocolate guilt-free! Organic dark chocolate with MTC (medium chain fat), cayenne pepper and sweetener will make you forget about calories and help control your body weight.

    Ingredients: cocoa mass*¹, cocoa butter*¹, sweetener erythritol*, MCT coconut powder * (MCT oil *, acacia fiber*) 6%, cayenne pepper* 0.15%. May contain traces of milk, sesame, peanuts and tree nuts.

    Cocoa solids - 75%

    Nutrition declaration (100 g): kJ: 2629; calories: 682; fat: 60 g.; of which saturated fatty acids: 39 g.; carbohydrates: 27 g; of which sugar: 0.15 g; protein: 8.2 g; salt: 0.00 g; fiber: 11 g.

    Gluten free. Suitable for vegans. 



    Non-EU Agriculture


    ¹- Rainforest Alliance Certified


    Neto: 50 g.
    Store in a cool dry place