Organic chocolate bites "MANGO", 400 g

  • Organic chocolate bites "MANGO", 400 g

    Organic milk chocolate snack with sesame paste, freeze-dried mango powder and cayenne pepper 

  • It tastes colorful, mysterious or even dangerously delicious. Taste and feel the hint of rich coffee, soft tahini, the sweetness of mango leading to the climax with light acidity, and the spiciness of cayenne pepper to top it all off.

    Ingredients: cocoa butter*, cocoa mass*, sugar*, skimmed milk powder*, sesame paste*, freeze-dried* mango powder*, emulsifier sunflower lecithin*, cayenne pepper*. May contain traces of peanuts and hazelnuts.

    Cocoa solids - at least 45%

    Nutrition declaration (100 g): 2433 kJ, 584 kcal, fat 41 g, of which saturated fatty acids 24 g, carbohydrates 43 g, of which sugar 37 g, fiber 4.0 g, protein 12 g, salt 0.23 g.

    Gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians. 




    EU/NON-EU Agriculture

    Net weight: 400 g.
    Store in a dry and cool place.

    Manufacturer: Choco Group, UAB
    Technikos st. 7A, Ilgakiemis, Kaunas district, LT-53288