MULATE LIGHT salted caramel spread

  • MULATE LIGHT salted caramel spread

    Salted caramel spread with no added sugar

  • You really wouldn't even guess that something is missing here! Sweet caramel flavored with a pinch of salt has become everyone's long time favorite. 

    Ingredients: vegetable oil (shea, rapeseed, cocoa butter¹), caramel powder (milk powder, butter, maltodextrin), sugar substitute (fiber of plant origin, sweeteners (erythritol, sucralose), emulsifier: rapeseed lecithin, salt, flavoring. May contain trace of peanuts, nuts and sesame. 

    Nutrition declaration (100 g): 2322 kJ, 563 kcal, fat 48 g, of which saturated fatty acids 18,5 g, carbohydrates 20,4 g, of which sugar 7,7 g, fiber 20 g, protein 2,4 g, salt 0,86 g. 

    ¹- Rainforest Alliance Certified

    Neto: 280 g.
    Store in a cool dry place

    Manufacturer: Choco Group, UAB
    Technikos st. 7A, Ilgakiemis, Kaunas district, LT-53288