MULATE LIMITED Ukraine milk chocolate

  • MULATE LIMITED Ukraine milk chocolate

    Slava Ukraini! 

  • As representatives of a socially responsible business, we want to encourage the public not to forget the ongoing war in the lands of Ukraine. To contribute to the support campaign, we produced the highest quality chocolate with a unique design created by artists from Lviv. The patriotic symbolism decorating the chocolate packaging expresses our respect and support for the heroes of Ukraine and the entire nation!

    We give this chocolate to the defenders of Ukraine to give them strength and endurance in the exhausting battle. We will not forget the most vulnerable - Ukrainian children. We want the little ones to break away from the horror of war for a while and return to a happy childhood. We believe that the chocolate we give as a gift will awaken the most beautiful memories and bring at least a little joy.

    By buying this MULATE LIMETED chocolate bar, you also contribute to the support of Ukraine, because a part of the money from each chocolate purchased goes to the support fund.

    Ingredients: cocoa mass,cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder, emulsifier rapeseed lecithin. May contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

    Cocoa solids - 52%

    Nutrition declaration (100 g): 2430 kJ, 585 kcal, fat 43 g, of which saturated fatty acids 26 g, carbohydrates 37 g, of which sugar 33 g, fiber 4.3 g, protein 9 g, salt 0.36 g.

    Net weight: 90 g.
    Store in a dry and cool place.

    Manufacturer: Choco Group, UAB
    Technikos st. 7A, Ilgakiemis, Kaunas district, LT-53288