Milk chocolate creams collection

A new generation of highest quality milk-chocolate creams comes from choco collection. Made from cacao butter and are rich in vitamins, omega 3, fibres. 


This chocolate cream collection is free from hydrogenated fat or palm oil, so it is safe to eat. 


This is very nice and healthy present from Lithuania. We recommend to spread the creams on toast, panckakes, use for desserts. 


Made in Lithuania from the highest quality materials. Gluten free. GMO free. No flavour enhancers or artificial colors used. Suitable for vegetarians. 

When opened, keep in room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.


Net: 320 g. (4x80 g.)


4 different tastes of Milk chocolate creams: with strawberries, blackcurrants, hazelnuts and peanuts.

€ 7.00